Already since last year in training and now officially, Martha Müller has come on board at nenion as reinforcement. As an all-rounder, she supports both in the production of valves and in the office.

Martha Müller

Martha says:
‘It is a great experience to work at nenion: on the one hand to learn very special technical know-how and on the other hand to contribute my craftsmanship and many years of professional experience. What motivates me most is when we meet customer requirements in a timely manner and the joy of this success is alive.

Stefan says:
“Collaboration is important with customers and suppliers. It is even more important within the company itself.
To ensure participation in business processes, from production to marketing some things have become more professional.
Martha is a very thorough and patient employee who, through independent thinking, has initiated many changes for the better. I am very happy, that she is a part of the company.”

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