UHV-Leakvalve ND 3

1xCF16 – flange on the side and 1xCF35-flange at the bottom
manually operated.
bakeable up to 300°C (fully operable)
metallic sealed on the valve seat and against outside

With Vernier for exact reading of valve position.
Order number F3CF3516-012.

Technical Specifications

Dimensional Drawing and 3D-Model


Massbild und 3D


Technical Specifications
Material Housing1.4435 (316L)
Material Sealing1.4435 (316L) gold plated
Material not in contact with gas1.4301 (304)
Lifetime100,000 cycles until first service
Mounting Positionany
Internal PressureVacuum to 10 bar
Inlet Pressure10 bar from each side
Tightness Housing1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Tightness Valve Seat1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Weight 2.2 kg
Stroke: Turns of the Handwheel10
max. Tourque5 Nm
Main Flange1.4 cm 3
Side Flange4.6 cm 3
Bakeout Tempertaure:
Valve Open450°C
Valve Closed or in Operation300°C



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