With our gasdosing valve you can control gas flows in all vacuum ranges from low to fine and high up to ultrhigh vacuum. These valves have been produced by VSE Vacuum Technology since 2003.

For illustration of the possible flows imagine you want to fill a balloon with Helium. Using a standard Helium gas bottle and our gasdosing valve it will take 15 seconds to fill the balloon. If the valve is in almost closed position you would have to wait 100,000 years!



When adjusting the valve the throughputs follows immediately. Throughput and Pressure change also depend strongly on containter size, pressure ratios and pumping speed.


When retaining the valve opsition the throughput is constant.

Not Reactive

The gold-plated diaphragm reacts only with few gases. For some applications silver-plated diaphragms can be used.


During normal usage valve seat and diaphragm cannot be damaged.

The design of the valve seat provides small dead volmes and has no narrowings. Flow direction is freely eligible.

The sealing force is applied by a direct actuator with very high resolution. Thereby stability and reaction time are improved and secured. 

To adjust gasflows in different ways nenion provides different solutions:

  • Different actuators: manually, pneumatic und steppermotor driven.
  • Thress standard flange connections: CF16-, CF35- and VCR – flanges.
  • Accessory to ensure most accurate control of very small gasflows (<10-9 mbar.l/s).
  • On request we are happy to design special designs that suit your application: different flanges, 3-way-function, special dimensions or even other sealing materials such as silver instead of gold.

Gas Dosing Valves manuelly operated
Heating ocntroller and Heating Cartridge
Gas Dosing Valves steppermotor driven