The steppermotor driven valve allows the automation of the gasdosing process. By menas of the steppermotor driven UHV Gasdosing Valve closed loop control of gas flow or pressure in all vacuum areas from low, fine and high to ultrahigh vacuum is possible.

The controller provides different infterfaces:
Analog (M12 connector)

You may also:
Connect a snesor (flow, pressure) to it and control your process as a closed loop.
Control the valve manually via touch input.

The resolution per stroke is very high: 1,000,000 steps.

The valve has an encoder, so ythe process is monitored.

Ther is also a visual indication of the valve position.

A thermal insulation ensures, that you can heat the valve body up to 150°C, while the motor is connected. For higher bake-out temperatures, you have to disconnect the motor.

The products ships with Controler, mains cable, USB-connections cable and 5m Motor cable.

Technical Specifications

Gas Dosing Properties

Technical Specifications
Material Housing1.4435 (316L)
Material Sealing1.4435 (316L) gold plated
Material not in contact with gas1.4301 (304)
Lifetime100,000 cycles until first service
Mounting Positionany
Internal PressureVacuum to 10 bar
Inlet Pressure10 bar from each side
Tightness Housing1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Tightness Valve Seat1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Main Flange1.0 - 1.4 cm 3
Side Flange4.6 cm 3
Bakeout Tempertaure:
Valve Open450°C
Valve Closed or in Operation300°C
CF 16/163.8 kg
CF 35/164.4 kg
VCR 1/4"3.7 kg
Time to travelk across stroke14 seconds
Steps / Stroke1,000,000
Operational ModesManual
Closed Loop Control
Script Commands

Gas Dosing Properties

Closing and opening

Idealized measurement protocol: The valve is closed from position 1,000,000 to position 0 and then opened again. The red curve is the closing curve and green is the open curve.

The first 300,000 steps the diaphragm does not touch the valve seat.

When used in room temperature control between 10-9 and 10-10 is not possible due to physical restrictions (red area in diagram). However, it is possible when heating the valve body.

Maximum throughput is60 mbar.l/s.

Automatically set different leakrates

Actual measurement protocol: Different leakrates (flow, throughput) are being automatically set and held for 20 seconds.