The manual actuator provides the possibility to adjust the gasflow by a habdwheel. The stroke from open to close position is divided into ten turns of the handwheel. the axial stroke is 10mm, the maximum closing torque is 5 Nm.

The handwheel is made of pretected steel. It can be dismantled during baking out.

Technical Specification

Gas Dosing Properties

Technical Specifications
Material Housing1.4435 (316L)
Material Sealing1.4435 (316L) gold plated
Material not in contact with gas1.4301 (304)
Lifetime100,000 cycles until first service
Mounting Positionany
Internal PressureVacuum to 10 bar
Inlet Pressure10 bar from each side
Tightness Housing1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Tightness Valve Seat1*10 -10 mbar.l/s
Main Flange1.0 - 1.4 cm 3
Side Flange4.6 cm 3
Bakeout Tempertaure:
Valve Open450°C
Valve Closed or in Operation300°C
CF 16/161.6 kg
CF 35/162.2 kg
VCR 1/4"1.5 kg
Stroke: Turns of the Handwheel10
max. Tourque5 Nm

Gas Dosing Properties

Closing and Opening

Idealized measurement protocol: Teh handwheel is kept stable for one minute after every turn. The reaction is fast and the throughput is stable.

Durinf the first 3 turns following the open position the diaphragm does not touch the valves seat.

When usind the valve at 20°C control in the range between 10-9 and 10-10 mbarl/s is ot possible due to physical restrictions (red area in the diagram). The valve is then tight aufter the 9th turn. Control in this area needs heating.

The maximum throughput is 60 mbar*l/s.

Actual measurement protocol: Different leakrates (=throughput) are being appraoched and held for 20 seconds.