When using low throughputs and searching for leaks commonly the volume throughput qpV in pV-Units for stating the leakrate is used. Moreover the type of gas and the temperature have to be considered. 1

This table shows the unit conversion factors when usinf different volume or mass throughput units. For this conversion standard state of the gas is considered.

UNITmbar 1/sPa 1/sTorr 1/sluseccm3/scm3 /hourkg/hour Airg/year RI2
mbar 1/s11000.75751135604.3E-31.55E5
Pa 1/s0.0117.5E-37.510.99E-235.64.3E-51.55E3
Torr 1/s1.33133110001.3247385.7E-32.1E5
cm3 /hour2.81E-42.81E-22.11E-42.11E-12.7E-411.21E-64.30E1
kg/hour Air230230001751.75E52308.29E51-
g/year R126.4E-66.4E-44.90E-64.80-36.4E-62.3E-2-1


Annotations, Anmerkungen

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