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Technical Specification

These technical data apply to all versions of the gasdosing valve.

In this overview you see

Technical Specification
Housing Material316L (1.4435)
Diaphragm Material (Sealing)316L (1.4435) goldplated
Material outside of the medium304, protected steel (1.4301)
Lifetime100.000cycles untile first service
Mounting Positionany
Internal PressureVacuum to 10 bar
Pressure Difference10 barfrom each side
Tightness Housing1.10-10 mbar.l/s
Tightness Valveseat1.10-10 mbar.l/s

Dead Volume:
Main Flange1,0 - 1,4 cm3
Side Flange4,6 cm3

Baking temperature:
Valve open450°C
Vlave closed or operated300°C

manually operated CF 16/161,6 kg
manually operated CF 35/162,2 kg
manually operated VCR1,5 kg
steppermotor drivenmanually operated + 2,3kg
pneumatically operated NCmanually operated+ 8,6kg



Leak Diagram

Leak diagram

In the range of turn 0 - 3 the diaphragm does not touch the valve seat. Due to physical reasons, control between 10 E-9 und 10 E-10 is not possible, if used at room temperature (red range in the diagram). In this case the valve is tight approx at turn 9 to 10. Control in this range is possible if the valve is heated.

Maximum throughput is 60 mbar.l/s

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